Size 2 Soccer Ball

The size 2 soccer ball, as well as size 1 soccer ball, is used for promotional purposes, for trainings or for children under 4. It is also called a mini-ball and it is perfect for ball handling skills and drills. They can be made from leather but this will make them more expensive and less durable. Like sizes 3 to 5 balls for the official matches are softer and give a better feeling but most of the time is made of synthetic material because it is cheaper, more durable and they have a bigger water resistance. Sometimes they are made of plastic or PVC with a cover made of synthetic material. They can be made of 32 or 26 stitched panels. This size is not used in official matches. Size 2 soccer ball can be produced with logos, flags or other promotional inscriptions for special events or tournaments. They can make the perfect gift for a couch or players.

Even if its main purpose is the promotional one, size 2 soccer ball can be used for trainings as well. It is perfect for practicing turns, feints, dribbling or juggling. That is why they are also known as skills balls or mini skills balls. They normally weight less than 10 oz and their diameter is not bigger than 20-22 inches and that makes them very easy to handle. Trainings of juniors are usually with this type of ball, because the focus is to improve players’ abilities to handle the ball. Its small dimensions make it perfect for it. This is the type of ball that young children usually play with. They are usually very cheap balls.

The size 2 soccer ball is made of synthetic materials and that makes it is very easy to clean. A proper maintenance of a size 2 soccer ball consists in removing excessive dirt from the ball after use. For that it might be used a damp cloth to wipe the ball and, if necessary, stains can be removed using mild soap or cleaner. Using detergents is not recommended because they could damage outer covering or stitching. On the other hand, it is not recommended to use excessive water sprays to clean the ball because the water can get into the ball. Normally the right pressure is indicated on the ball. Usually soccer balls have a pressure between 6 and 8 lbs.

Just like size 1 soccer ball, size 2 soccer ball is mainly produced for promotional purposes, junior trainings or just kicking around. The size 2 soccer ball is a cheap and easy to handle ball because of its small dimensions and that makes out of it the perfect instrument for practicing your soccer abilities.



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